Digital beauty personified.

In a brand new interview with co-founder Kellee Santiago and composer Austin Wintory, USA Today has debuted some of the game's stirring soundtrack. It was recorded by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra, and is the first thatgamecompany to utilise a live orchestra — indicating at the size of the downloadable game's budget.

"I must confess that I was skeptical about the impact [using a live orchestra] might have," Santiago explained, "We've gotten so used to synthesized music, and also the technology has improved greatly. I think what won everyone over from the beginning was when [composer Austin Wintory] got cellist Tina Guo to record the original theme music for the game. Her passionate cello playing in that track touched everyone, and we knew having real performers playing the instruments live would add an important layer to the experience, to help it feel more personal and genuine."

You can read more about the influences behind Journey's soundtrack and also hear the music being performed over on USA Today's website. There's some new footage of the game mixed up in there too.

Journey is going to form a pivotal part of the PlayStation 3's line-up this year, mark our words.