Chong snacks in high-resolution.

The titles — which run on both the PS3 and PSP, but are designed around the latter's smaller screen — don't always scale well, resulting in a messy image when played via the PlayStation 3.

But Laughing Jackal's upcoming Hungry Giraffe hopes to alleviate that problem, by sporting some fancy technical trickery.

"The technical wizards here at Laughing Jackal have come up with a clever system allowing the PS3 version of the game to run at a higher resolution than the PSP allows, so those of you who like to play your games on a nice big shiny screen are in for a visual treat," explained community manager, Ross Brierley, on the PlayStation Blog.

Giraffe chomping on the big-screen? Don't mind if we do.

Hungry Giraffe's out this week for PlayStation Plus subscribers.