Naturally Mega Man fans aren't best pleased with the character's portrayal in Street Fighter X Tekken.

As previously hinted, both Pac-Man and Mega Man will be entering the crossover fray — the latter of which sporting his awful 1980's boxart get-up.

In the spirit of crossover fun, the dev team wanted both Capcom and Namco's mascots to join the fray in a slightly silly, goofy way," said a post on the Capcom Unity blog. "Pac-Man riding Mokujin is about as weird as it can get, so the best equivalent for Mega Man would have to be the so-bad-it’s-good-but-still-kinda-bad box art from Mega Man 1 in the US.”

The announcement of the characters brings the tally of PlayStation exclusive fighters to five — with inFamous' Cole McGrath and the famous Sony kittens, Toro and Kuro, being confirmed at previous events.

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