It's coming!

DUST 514 was briefly shown during Sony’s 2011 E3 presentation and has been on our radar every sicne. Serving up a healthy mix of Move-enabled FPS action and MMO gameplay that’s deeply integrated into the EVE Online servers; DUST 514 easily sets itself apart from all of the other shooters that currently flood the market.

Like a desert nomad wandering through a sandstorm, a new DUST 514 trailer has recently emerged and you can see it for yourself below:

Currently, there’s no set release date other than the Spring of 2012 for DUST 514 and we also haven’t seen exactly how Move will be integrated into the game. But with the New Year upon us and the spring season rapidly approaching, we expect new DUST 514 news to start heading our way soon.

Are you ready to Move into the EVE Online servers in DUST 514? Let us know in the comments section below.