Just you on your own

ModNation Racers: Road Trip lacks the online multiplayer of its PSP and PS3 predecessor, the developer has confirmed.

Speaking in a recent live chat, producer Vernon Mollette II revealed the game doesn't support simultaneous online multiplayer:

We are supporting Ad-Hoc however not infrasructure as in Head to Head. With all of the other online features though, Ghost Laps, Regional Leaderboards with times beat notifications, etc. We went with more of an Asynchronous online feature set that is really robust! We'll share more about all of these online features as we get closer to launch!

So, while the game will support ghost races and leaderboards you won't be able to head online to race your buddy at the same time.

Road Trip also lacks the ModSpot lobby system but will use Near to connect you with other players in your area.

What do you make of this news? Does it change your intention to pick up the game or will you grab it regardless?

Thanks to Zoe for the tip.

[source community.eu.playstation.com]