Take your progress on the go with MLB 12: The Show.

We've always dreamed that one day a portable would be capable of taking our console experience on the road, and that's exactly what Sony's new handheld does.

A genre that we've always felt would benefit strongly from the ability to share saves is the sports genre. Just imagine being able to take your FIFA season out and about, and then upload your progress back into the PS3 game. Amazing.

Well, FIFA might not support that functionality just yet, but Sony's upcoming baseball sim, MLB 12: The Show, totally does. Speaking on the PlayStation Blog, designer Aaron Luke revealed that both the PS3 and PS Vita versions of MLB 12: The Show will boast transferable saves, allowing you to share progress between the game's Franchise, Road To The Show and Season modes.

We think we're going to come to depend on this feature. It's really exciting.