But despite the goodwill that the game's generated over the past several months, North American fans were perplexed to learn yesterday that the game would retail for $3 more on the PlayStation Network than the XBOX Live Arcade.

In North America, AMY will retail for $12.99 on Sony's digital storefront. By comparison, the XBOX Live Arcade version will cost 800 Microsoft Points — which is approximately $10. But in Europe — where Lexis Numerique is based — 800 Microsoft Points costs €10, which works out at $12.73. The company's CEO, José Sanchis, explained that this makes the European versions of AMY equal across both of the title's intended platforms.

Of course, that doesn't help North American gamers — and so Lexis Numerique has been quick to upload a poll onto its official Facebook page in order to try and determine whether US players would rather pay $9.99 or $12.99. While it sounds like a no-brainer, Lexis Numerique pointed out that there's a catch: if the community decides on the lower price-point, then AMY will be delayed at least a week "due to logistic constraints". Bummer.

We have two issues with this story: first of all, why can't Microsoft use a legitimate currency instead of those ridiculous Microsoft Points? And second of all, does it really take Sony a week to alter the price of game?

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