It's a lose-lose situation for North American fans of AMY.

But despite the goodwill that the game's generated over the past several months, North American fans were perplexed to learn yesterday that the game would retail for $3 more on the PlayStation Network than the XBOX Live Arcade.

In North America, AMY will retail for $12.99 on Sony's digital storefront. By comparison, the XBOX Live Arcade version will cost 800 Microsoft Points — which is approximately $10. But in Europe — where Lexis Numerique is based — 800 Microsoft Points costs €10, which works out at $12.73. The company's CEO, José Sanchis, explained that this makes the European versions of AMY equal across both of the title's intended platforms.

Of course, that doesn't help North American gamers — and so Lexis Numerique has been quick to upload a poll onto its official Facebook page in order to try and determine whether US players would rather pay $9.99 or $12.99. While it sounds like a no-brainer, Lexis Numerique pointed out that there's a catch: if the community decides on the lower price-point, then AMY will be delayed at least a week "due to logistic constraints". Bummer.

We have two issues with this story: first of all, why can't Microsoft use a legitimate currency instead of those ridiculous Microsoft Points? And second of all, does it really take Sony a week to alter the price of game?