This is a dude from Lamagama's upcoming game. We don't recommend messing with him.

And if the website of Turkish developer Lamagama Entertainment is to be believed — there might be yet more content to add to your motion controlled wishlist.

The studio's teasing the development of a new PlayStation Move exclusive named Quadratum Mortis. (Yeah, we think that name's pretty rad too.) While the game will be compatible with the DualShock, Lamagama teases that the game's best experienced with two PlayStation Move controllers. The artwork hints at some kind of gladiatorial game, so we're expecting something akin to Sports Champions' sword-and-shield mode. Lamagama also hints at some kind of online integration, stating "get ready to wield your armor and fight with your friends over PlayStation Network".

Obviously we'll need to see more of the game — but we've been fans of gladiator themed games ever since we got our hands on the PS2's brutal (but brilliant) Shadow Of Rome. Plus, online duelling sounds awesome.

We're in, Lamagama.