No matter how much the media would like to push its own narrative, the 3G PS Vita is not cancelled in North America at all.

The media's smear campaign against the PlayStation Vita hit a new high last night, when a batch of US media outlets jumped on an erroneous Amazon listing that claimed the 3G SKU of Sony's new portable system had been cancelled before release in North America.

Of course, those with an ounce of common sense would have realised this was a mistake on Amazon's part, but the story spread like wildfire throughout America's biggest gaming outlets. Anything to keep the doom mongering at the front of people's minds, eh?

Thankfully Joystiq had the sense to contact SCEA before running a click-baiting headline, and were informed by SCEA that the rumour was "not true" and that the 3G version of the PlayStation Vita would still release in North America on February 22nd.

Can we all please get a sense of perspective now?

[Thanks Joystiq]