We'd happily play the original Killzone again.

While the original PlayStation 2 title was dubbed as Sony's "Halo killer" at the time, the final product ultimately fell short. Sure, the PlayStation Portable spin-off, Killzone: Liberation, remains one of the best entries in the series — but it wasn't until Killzone 2 that the franchise ultimately captured the enthusiasm of the wider gaming community.

With the Killzone brand now commanding a much larger fanbase, a re-release of the original Killzone doesn't seem too far fetched. And an ESRB listing has hinted at exactly that, with Guerrilla's gritty debut listed as a "PlayStation 3" release on the ratings board's website.

Chuck in some trophies and we'd be up for the re-release. In fact, while Sony's at it, why not toss some of the PlayStation 2's other lost first-party gems onto PlayStation 3 — Primal and Ghost Hunter, anyone?

[source thesixthaxis.com]