Grand Slam Tennis 2's 'Total Racquet Control' mechanic looks set to add a ton of depth to the game's shot roster.

We know, pretty weird huh? But regular readers will be all too aware of our adoration for tennis based video games.

While we're still a little concerned about the quality of the game's pledged PlayStation Move support — please, please, please be good — we're still intrigued by the game's standard controller support.

Taking notes from EA Sports' vast catalogue of sports titles, Grand Slam Tennis 2 introduces a new mechanic called "Total Racquet Control", which incorporates the right-analogue stick as a conduit for full raquet control. For example, in order to play a simple flat shot, you'll need to pull the right analogue stick back, and swing at the ball by pushing forwards in the direction you want to play. The harder you push, the deeper your shot will go.

In a new trailer embedded after the jump, producer Liam Millar introduces all of Grand Slam Tennis 2's shot types, with a detailed look at how to perform them on the controller.

While the learning curve certainly looks steep, there seems to be a lot of depth to the mechanic. That's exciting. Hopefully a similar layer of polish is applied to the PlayStation Move support too.