Here's a screenshot proving that Test Drive: Ferrari is an actual product.

Don't get us wrong, this new trailer looks conclusive enough, but the build-up to the game's supposed March release has been so odd. It's only with the release of this trailer that we can confirm Slightly Mad Studios as the developer. Prior to this evening, the Shift 2 developer was only rumoured to be involved with the project.

Furthermore, we've yet to receive a press release or any detailed information about Test Drive: Ferrari — and we're certainly not alone. It's just a weird, weird game, conflicted by the fact that this trailer actually makes it look rather rad. You can tell that Shift 2 developer, Slightly Mad Studios, is at the helm — the visceral, cockpit racing view is back.

We must admit though, we're not a fan of the trailer's soundtrack. Who thought that a rubbish electronica ripoff of The Chain was a good idea? Own up.