Yep, we're still using the same old media for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Sort of, anyway.

Chatting with Famitsu, director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that previous Final Fantasy Versus XIII demos had been rendered on development equipment, but the next time we see it, the game will be running in real-time.

Alas, exactly when we'll next get to feast our eyes on the elusive RPG remains something of a mystery. Nomura said that Square Enix will not be hosting a special press event this month to show off upcoming products — something that it's done in previous years.

Elsewhere, Nomura shared a few tid-bits about the game itself. He explained that the final game will utilise a mixture of real-time cut-scenes and Visual Works pre-rendered CG. The exact ratio between the two will be 7:3, according to Nomura.

We're  trying to stay optimistic about Final Fantasy XIII-2, but it's tough after all these years. The game's looked top-notch in previous trailers and screenshots, but it's been in development for such an extended period that we're worried whether it can live up to expectations.