Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's coming to the PlayStation 3. (Grand Theft Auto III too.)

While it's great to get the opportunity to repurchase classic PlayStation 2 games, each new announcement is tarnished by thought that, "No, my favourite game is not going to get a full high-definition remaster like ICO and Sly Cooper."

In the case of Grand Theft Auto, that just might be a blessing in disguise. Y'see, while all brilliant in their own right — every Grand Theft Auto title is exactly the same. You do the fetch mission, then the race one, and wrap it all up with a shootout. The world, atmosphere and tone changes — but the abhorrent mission structure doesn't. (Fix this please, Grand Theft Auto V.)

So perhaps, deep down, it's a good thing that Rockstar's rated both Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PlayStation Network release. Indeed, we're not sure we want to play through both titles again just for the sake of reviewing an HD remaster.

No, we'll take the nostalgia in downloadable form thank you — with the hazy, Vaseline filtered visuals of the originals. No need for an HD upgrade here — hey, that's what Grand Theft Auto IV's for, right?