David Jaffe, Dylan Jobe and Nolan North are all set to make appearances on the latest season of The Tester.

It's since followed up with a run-down of the show's guest panelists. Names include: David Jaffe, director of God Of War and Twisted Metal; Nolan North, voice actor of Nathan Drake (amongst countless others); Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive; and Seth Killian, combat advisor at Capcom. Other names include John Garvin from Sony Bend, Greg Miller from IGN, and Todd Papy from Sony Santa Monica.

"Each of the guest panelists will use their insider knowledge of the industry and vast experience to ensure that the winner of The Tester 3 is the best candidate to join the PlayStation family," explained producer Kevin Furuichi on the PlayStation Blog. "They’ll also be incorporating unique elements of their games into the challenges throughout the season, so you won’t want to miss an episode."

The winner of The Tester: Season 3 will net a production role at Sony Santa Monica, alongside a heap of branded goodies. It's a killer prize. The show kicks off on February 7th, exclusively on the PlayStation Network.