Come on Mega Man fans: it is pretty funny.

Their favourite protagonist has not starred in his own game for a while, and the cancellation of Nintendo 3DS exclusive, Mega Man Legends 3, cut deep. So naturally, when Capcom announced the inclusion of the rotund, 80's boxart Mega Man for inclusion in Street Fighter X Tekken, fans of the pint-sized hero had their pitch-forks at the ready.

But chatting on Twitter, Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has explained that the character was included with Mega Man creator, Keiji Inafune's blessing: "I consulted with Mr. Mega Man (his name is Mr. I...) about it 1 year ago," he revealed. The character in the game was supposedly the "result" of that consultation.

It's not hard to believe, given that Inafune himself was working on a title called Mega Man Universe for PSN, which included a similarly styled boxart Mega Man. Perhaps Capcom just thinks that the character is genuinely pretty funny. We can't say we disagree with them.