We're stoked to check out Resident Evil 6, but delaying the PS3 demo for two months kinda stings.

The game was originally scheduled for a March release in North America. But given March's heavy release schedule, we think the decision to delay was probably a smart one. Now Dragon's Dogma just has to contend with a small game named Max Payne 3. Ahem.

The bigger news is that all copies of Dragon's Dogma will ship with early access to the Resident Evil 6 demo. Unfortunately for PS3 owners, Microsoft appears to have snapped up a timed exclusivity deal — meaning XBOX 360 owners will get the demo a full two months before those playing on PS3. That means, while XBOX 360 users will get their first taste of Resident Evil 6 in July, PS3 owners will be made to wait until September.

We suppose Capcom would argue that it dishes out exclusives pretty fairly — Street Fighter X Tekken is getting a bunch of additional characters on PS3 after all — but timed exclusive demos always seemed kind of ridiculous to us. Then again, if that's all the exclusivity Microsoft's dollars could buy — we'll consider ourselves let off. We'd cry if the full version of Resident Evil 6 came packaged with extra content on Microsoft's platform or something.

Resident Evil 6 is due out on November 20th.