Bonkers shooters like Binary Domain are such a rarity these days.

Not only does it house the release of the PlayStation Vita β€” and its host of launch titles β€” but it also contains some seriously hot PlayStation 3 titles to boot.

Binary Domain might be getting short shrift at present, but we've been ridiculously excited about the Yakuza Studio developed title ever since getting our hands on it late last year. Not only does the game look pretty and feel surprisingly chunky for a Japanese developed shooter, but it's got some neat narrative ideas. Given the developer's pedigree with the Yakuza titles, we're expecting a really solid, if melodramatic, plot out of Binary Domain.

The latest trailer focuses on action and spectacle, but it shows off the game's heady production values. The Japanese setting and manga art-style bring something different to the genre, and the hint at racing and jet ski stages is intriguing to say the least. These kind of games just don't get made anymore.

The trailer also confirms a minor delay for the title. It was originally due out on February 17th in the UK, but it will now drop on February 24th. The US release will follow on February 28th. While the delay's disappointing, we're pretty cool with it as it gives us some extra time to play around with Twisted Metal. And that's no bad thing.

Hit the jump for the trailer.