Armored Core V is a million miles away from Dark Souls.

Hint: it's not the involving fantasy adventure you might be hoping for. No, instead it's Armored Core 5 — the latest release in the long-running mech action series.

Assuming you're not instantly put off by the word "mech", then you might like to know that publisher Namco Bandai has dated the title for a March 20th release in North America. A European release will follow on March 23rd.

Those that pre-order from GameStop will net some additional goodies for their mech in the form of the "Heavy Assault Pack". The in-game content bundles a bunch of extra weapons and parts that can be used in competitive multiplayer. Doesn't sound exactly sporting, but then if you've gone to the trouble of pre-ordering from GameStop, we guess you deserve a little extra credit for your work.