Get access to additional Prototype 2 content via the RADNET.

Instead it's the name of Prototype 2's limited edition first run, which includes a bunch of extra content for early adopters.

Pre-order the title and you'll scoop up exclusive access to RADNET, which in turn rewards you with 55 pieces of additional content. If it sounds similar to Mass Effect 2's Cerberus Network, that's because, well, it is. The content's set to be distributed in the seven weeks following the game's release.

Amongst the goodies include in-game Events, Challenges, Avatars, Items, Dynamic Themes and Behind-the-Scenes videos, plus bonus Mutations for the main campaign. In addition, those that compete in all of Prototype 2's challenges will unlock an extra special reward.

“Radical Entertainment has always focused on bringing long lasting fun to its fans, and Prototype 2’s RADNET content is our way of rewarding the game’s most loyal supporters – the early adopters, the one’s who will replay it over and over again," said Radical Entertainment's Ken Rosman.

“We think this is great because we’re giving our fans hours of additional gameplay outside Prototype 2’s main narrative, and cool rewards – all delivered weekly following the game’s launch."

It's a neat idea, and certainly a much better way of encouraging new game sales than online passes. We wouldn't mind seeing more games take this approach.