"I will buy more games to make you proud"

The PlayStation Vita Japanese launch sales figures analysis continues with word from Media Create that not everyone who bought a Vita actually bought a game to go with it.

Media Create's data states the Vita's launch games combined for a total of 300,000 units sold during the launch weekend. Considering Sony sold around 320,000 consoles, that gives an attach rate — the ratio of games to system sales — of around 0.94. By comparison, 3DS launched with around 0.95 and PSP reached 1.06 in its first week.

It's worth noting that these figures only account for retail sales: Vita offers digital downloads of games, and these are not included in Media Create's statistics.

Hot Shots Golf was the best-selling game at launch, selling 61,412 copies to land at number 6 in the all-formats chart.

[source andriasang.com]