Expect Drake's new adventure to last longer than any his previous PS3 outings.

Sony Bend writer John Garvin has reportedly told NowGamer that the handheld title will be the longest in the franchise's history, lasting upwards of ten hours on a first playthrough.

Discussing the challenges of bringing Naughty Dog's series to the PlayStation Vita, Garvin said: "We tried to focus on the kinds of things that read well on a 5-inch screen versus a 50-inch screen. Story for example: we have over two hours of cinematics in a game that is 10 plus hours long, so story is very important to us, just like it is on the [PS3] console."

Reassuringly, Garvin is adamant that Bend's work stacks up next to Naughty Dog's home console outings: "A driving narrative that makes you care what happens next, that compels you to get to the next chapter — that kind of experience is possible no matter what kind of platform you are on. I’m sure all Vita developers would tell you that we’re just scratching the surface of what this device can do.  I’m really excited for what we’re going to see in the next few years."

[Thanks NowGamer]