Settle some vendettas in The Darkness II.

Publisher 2K Games has announced this afternoon that The Darkness II will sport a four-player co-operative game mode known as Vendettas.

The moody mode takes place in parallel to the main plot, and has players assuming the role of four different characters, each possessing a unique Darkness weapon.

The mode's pitched as a "team-focused, mission based experience" which "explores the crucial role each character plays in Jackie Estacado’s campaign".

"Vendettas expands the universe of The Darkness II by branching off into unique, parallel missions, while connecting thematically to the core single-player story arc," explained publisher 2K Games in an official press release.

"Four players can collectively immerse themselves in the lore of The Darkness II, and explore a variety of environments not found in the main story. Adding to the destruction and mayhem, Vendettas will also feature a new Hit List mode, which allows players to repeat their favorite campaign moments or wreak havoc in brand new scenarios."

The Darkness II's due out on February 7th in North America and February 10th in Europe.