Sorcery's back with a bang.

Debuted at E3 over a year ago, The Workshop developed motion exclusive generated buzz because it felt like the title gamers had been calling for ever since the Wii was released. Family oriented, yes, but with a deep underlying core.

A year later, Sony's re-revealed Sorcery to the North American press. And, as we'd hoped, it looks like the platform holder's ploughed a fair few development dollars into the release since its first announcement.

At its core, Sorcery looks familiar. But its clear things have changed under the hood since the game's initial debut. Most notably, the game's now a visual spectacle. Gone are the muddy dungeons of the original footage, replaced with a more fantastical and enchanting world. Protagonist Finn has also aged, in order to allow the developer to ramp up the dangers he will face.

According to IGN's Colin Moriarty, the gameplay remains similar to what was shown at E3 all those months ago. "Your primary attack, the Arcane Bolt, is flung at enemies by using the Move controller while aiming at enemies in real space," he wrote.

But the game's coolest feature appears to be its ability to mix and match spells. "For instance, conjuring up a fire wall and then shooting a tornado through it creates a flame-riddled wave of air that careens into nearby enemies," Moriarty explained, adding that the game has an "accessible-yet-deep path".

Sony's promising that Sorcery will take full advantage of the PlayStation Move controller, essentially giving you access to a real magic wand. "Cast extraordinary magic spells, brew enchanted elixirs, solve ingenious puzzles, and defeat the forces of darkness," the press release states.

The game will allow you to develop your character as you progress, opening up previously inaccessible areas of already unlocked environments.

Sorcery's set to cast itself onto PlayStation 3 next Spring, so expect to learn lots more about the title over the coming months. In the meantime, check out the game's new trailer after the jump. We're stoked.