Sony's aiming to keep the PlayStation Vita well supplied with new software.

It's a mistake that, according to Yoshida, the company's not willing to retread with the PlayStation Vita.

"In the past we launched PSP and then shifted our attention to PS3 when that came on the horizon, which we now concede was a mistake. So with PS Vita we are working on this huge range titles and planning ahead for a constant supply of excellent games," the World Wide Studios exective told the PlayStation Blog, adding that Sony's constantly thinking ahead when planning new games.

"Generally we look three years ahead when we work on games. We have a fairly firm plan right up to 2013."

Speaking of the kind of experiences we can expect from the PlayStation Vita in the future, Yoshida hinted that the hardware might house many more new IPs than previous consoles, largely because of the innovative interface options included within the system.

"When we introduce new hardware with unique interfaces and network options, it is almost easier to work on something completely new," he explained. "Take rear touch on PS Vita – we'd rather be thinking about how we can make fresh games using that feature than figuring out ways to add it to something that already exists."

Yoshida pointed to titles such as Gravity Daze, Escape Plan and Sound Shapes to emphasise his point. Personally, we're hoping for a good mix between the new and the old in PlayStation Vita's future catalogue — something that the initial batch of software reflects in droves.