Overstrike's still coming to PlayStation 3. Not the same though, is it?

The company's next project is multiplatform co-operative shooter Overstrike. But while the title will still naturally launch on Sony's system, SCEE boss Jim Ryan has expressed his disappointment at Insomniac's decision to release on other systems.

"In an ideal world would we prefer them still to be working exclusively on our platforms? Yes, probably," he told Official PlayStation Magazine, before adding that the company's are "still friends" and that “the strength of our internal studios at the moment means it ain’t the end of the world by any means".

Insomniac sensitively announced its intention to go multiplatform last year, with its first EA published project, Overstrike, getting a full reveal at E3 earlier in the year. Whether Insomniac will make any more titles exclusively for PlayStation remains on the cards, but we'd like to think they have another Ratchet & Clank in them when the time feels right.

[source officialplaystationmagazine.co.uk]