Samurai & Dragons is SEGA's latest PS Vita title.

Unveiled in Famitsu magazine, the game will play similarly to SNES favourite Actraiser, which had players developing civilisations while clearing demon-infested areas in classic two-dimensional side-scrolling gameplay.

Samurai & Dragons will be divided into two parts: action and strategy. The former will see up to four players fighting their way through dungeons, defeating all manner of foes and collecting loot for their efforts. Meanwhile the strategy part of the game will see players utilising their spoils to develop a city and train an army. Players will need to form alliances with other players, or conquer their cities.

The game's being developed by former Yakuza and Jet Set Radio staffers, so its in top-notch hands. SEGA said it opted to bring the title to PS Vita due to its connectivity features.