Only one account? Let the hyperbole flow.

It's the aftermath that a platform holder must weather. Nintendo just went through this very thing, with the 3DS appearing almost infallible at last year's E3 only for consumer positivity to be practically diminished by launch.

Now it's Sony's turn to weather the storm, and we feel caught in the middle. On the one hand we can relate to the issues people are raising, but at the same time some of the complaints reek of entitlement.

The latest in the PlayStation Vita backlash is the revelation that Sony's new handheld will only support one account per system. The news comes from a rocky source, with a NeoGAF poster claiming the limitation is noted in a Japanese catalogue.

According to the poster's (admittedly shaky) translation, if you want to use a different account on your PS Vita then you'll need to restore the system to its factory settings. So — unlike on PS3 — you'll be unable to set-up multiple accounts for different regions and/or family members. Which is admittedly a bummer.

Of course, the insinuation on the message boards is that the platform is now even more dead on arrival than it was yesterday. An overreaction now commonplace for the entitled masses of the Internet.

But we will concede that, if true, the news is disappointing. We can only hope that this is something trivial enough for Sony to fix in a future firmware update.