A proper first-person shooter on the go? It must be the future.

We had read about the first-person shooter in a magazine, and recall thinking how awesome it would be to play a proper shooter on a handheld.

The game, it turned out, wasn't all that — but ever since Ecks Vs Sever's release, we've been obsessed with the idea of first-person shooters appearing on handheld platforms.

While the PSP hosted a number of first-person shooters, the system wasn't properly equipped to offer a satisfying experience. The PlayStation Vita's additional analogue stick changes that, leaving us desperate to get our hands-on Nihilistic Software's upcoming Resistance: Burning Skies.

In a video posted by the PlayStation Blog, Nihilistic's shown off a brand new level from the spin-off title. The footage shows protagonist Tom Riley fighting his way across the George Washington Bridge, while Chimeran forces attempt to pin the firefighter back. The gameplay itself is packed with a number of nifty features: from the Killzone inspired first-person cover system through to the touch-activated grenade mechanics.

But most importantly, the video demonstrates a full first-person shooter being played on a handheld device with very few compromises. The game still looks early, but the frame-rate's come on leaps and bounds since the game's debut at GamesCom.

We've got high hopes for this. Catch the video after the jump.

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