Media Create puts the PlayStation Vita's first weekend's sales at about 325,000.

Andriasang reports that the company puts the PS Vita's opening sales at about 325,000 units — slightly higher than Enterbrain.

The firm also noted that the the initial shipment was around 500,000 units, supporting comments made to Nikkei overnight. That would make the sell-through a reasonable 65%.

“The shipment was abundant, so it seems that there were hardly any reports of inability to buy due to shortages. Regarding sold units, to be honest we would like to have seen it sell a bit more, but you can say that it reached a certain level of success,” said Media Create gaffer Atsushi Hosokawa.

Fascinatingly, Hosokawa warned that the continued popularity of the PSP may be holding the PS Vita back — with the system's predecessor selling a whopping 60,000 units during the PlayStation Vita's launch week.