Anyone else holding out hope for another Mini Ninjas?

The developer has already produced two new franchises this generation in Mini Ninjas and Kane & Lynch, the latter of which spawned a sequel last year.

The Danish studio is currently working on Hitman Absolution, a new entry in the stylish stealth series it created. But even though it's been six years since IO's last Hitman outing, the developer is already getting itchy feet to try something new.

Chatting with Gamasutra, gaffer Niels Jorgensen revealed that the studio will split focus once Absolution is complete, collaborating with Square Enix Montreal on a new Hitman title, while also developing a new IP of its own.

While Jorgensen didn't have any specific details about the new IP to share, he did say that it will fit in with the company's DNA of dark humour and antiheroes.

[Thanks Gamasutra]