The stunning Gravity Rush will release as a digital exclusive in Europe.

Top of the charts is the platform holder's decision to not offer a 32GB memory stick at launch, with the highest capacity card being the 16GB. While frustrating, we can forgive Sony for saving us money.

Less forgivable is the platform holder's decision to relegate Sony Japan's super-promising Gravity Rush to the PlayStation Store. Although we're stoked that the game's getting a localisation at all, we're disappointed that it won't get the full retail release it deserves.

While SCEE might be concerned about the niche title's commercial viability, Gravity Rush has become something of a critical darling in recent months. We think it would help the platform to have such an interesting title on display next to the hardware.

We can only imagine that Sony executives made the decision to make Gravity Rush a digital exclusive long before it emerged as one of the platform's most anticipated games. We're not averse to purchasing Gravity Rush through the PlayStation Store, but we're secretly hoping that Sony changes its mind.