Rafael Nadal keeps his eye on the ball.

The Wimbledon license has been the achilles' heel of a number of top tennis titles over the years, but Grand Slam Tennis 2, it appears, won't suffer from the same flaw.

In a chest beating trailer, EA's celebrated Grand Slam Tennis 2's "exclusive" access to the prestigious grass court tournament. The trailer shows a number of classic finals recreated in the game engine. We must admit, some of the animation looks a bit clunky, but EA's done some outstanding work with motion capture on its other sports franchises so we're not particularly concerned about the final product.

EA announced yesterday that Grand Slam Tennis 2 will feature the legendary John McEnroe on its international cover. We've already exhausted all the "you cannot be serious" jokes, so we won't offend you with a re-run. Check out the trailer after the break.