If Sony promotes this properly, FIFA on PS Vita could do gangbusters.

For real. It's no secret that FIFA is one of the biggest video game franchises here in Europe, and EA's upcoming PlayStation Vita release looks promising for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, it's FIFA on the PlayStation Vita. There are no concessions nor compromises — this is the console FIFA experience in the palm of your hands. We've seen it in action first-hand and it looks amazing.

Even better, FIFA Football uses the PS Vita's input options in a number of interesting ways. Passing into space has always been a difficult thing to replicate on the DualShock, but the PlayStation Vita eliminates that problem by allowing you to use the touch-screen to play through-balls and crosses. In addition, the rear touch interface can be used to line-up pin-perfect shots, so you're never left at the mercy of the analogue stick.

It looks great — and is due in time for the hardware's Western launch. Yup, just another game to add to your wishlist.