FIFA Vita allows you to pass into space using the system's touch screen.

Even though the PlayStation Vita version of Uncharted: Golden Abyss is entirely playable in the traditional manner, you'll still find a select number of seasoned whiners moaning about the use of touch to navigate Nathan Drake through the world.

FIFA on PS Vita's no different, but unlike Uncharted we actually think the game's touch controls sound kind of amazing. While it's totally playable in the traditional way, those that use touch will be able to accurately pass into space, making through-balls a legitimate tactic for the first-time in FIFA's storied history.

This kind of precision has prompted EA to label the game as the "most controllable" version of FIFA ever. And we're struggling to disagree. Other nifty enhancements include the ability to target shots using the back touch. Again, clever.

Of course, all of this is totally optional, but we won't be turning it off. Why? Because it sounds good. Feel free to bicker and moan in the comments about how touch controls are rubbish.