Get the full lowdown on the PlayStation Vita.

That means there are impressions, videos and information already all over the Internet. But if you want some definitive discussion all in one place, the 8-4 Play podcast has got your back. For those unfamiliar: 8-4 Play is fronted by a couple of former US games journalists who now work in Japan on video game localisation. You might not know their name, but you'll probably have experienced their work — Shadows Of The Damned is a recent example.

The 8-4 Play podcast is dedicated to Japanese gaming culture, and is ordinarily a great listen. But if even if you're not a regular listener, the latest episode is well worth downloading. In it, the team (plus special guests) talk at length about the PlayStation Vita, including: pick-up stories, the operating system, the memory cards, remote play and, of course, games.

It's four hours long, but it's a great overview of the PlayStation Vita if you're interested. You can download the MP3 directly here or subscribe through iTunes here.