Still looks stunning. Just checking.

Wipeout 2048 is one of the most anticipated Vita games racing toward launch, and the PlayStation Blog just posted a Q&A with producer Michael Pulst about what players can expect come launch.

Pulst revealed that tracks can now span multiple vertical levels, with alternate paths offering an extra layer of strategic choice: will you take the tighter, faster path or play it safe and potentially drop a few seconds?

Item pick-ups have also changed: now the pads are split between defensive and offensive items, giving you a little more control over your weapon options.

Wipeout is also set to make sue of the Vita's motion and touch controls, with the rear touch pad used for acceleration, front screen for firing weapons and regaining energy and tilting of the console letting you manoeuvre. However, Pulst is keen to point out that it's not just a one-or-other approach: if you want to use a combination of buttons and motion controls, or touch and analogue stick, you can do that. You can also snap a photo of your mug before a race using the Vita's camera, projecting it to your friends once you defeat them in hard-fought futuristic racing.

Sony also reconfirmed crossplay support between Vita's Wipeout 2048 and Wipeout HD/Fury on PS3, saying:

Not only will PS Vita players be able to play 2048 with other PS Vita players, they will be able to play Wipeout HD against PS3 players using Wipeout HD tracks and ships. And the number of PS Vitas and PS3s doesn’t matter for crossplay. It can be seven PS3s and one PS Vita, seven PS Vitas and one PS3, or any number in between.

Will you be rustling up friends for some anti-gravity score-settling?