As expected, PS Vita's memory sticks will probably cost you a small fortune.

GameStop has listed place-holder prices for the PlayStation Vita's memory sticks, prompting everyone to go crazy. Pre-orders were publicly cancelled on message boards, people said rude words about Sony and everyone got in a bit of a flap over nothing.

The usual, really.

But let's all have a moment of composition. The PlayStation Vita memory cards are going to be expensive. It's a fact. But let's wait for Sony to officially confirm the prices before we get all silly.

GameStop reckons that you'll have to spend $29.99 on a 4GB card, $44.99 on an 8GB card, $69.99 on a 16GB card and $119.99 on a 32GB card. Expensive, but also placeholder prices.

Now is it possible that the final memory sticks will cost what GameStop is predicting? Totally. But if that's the case, there's no real reason you need to purchase the most expensive stick unless you intend to purchase all your games digitally. A 4GB card should be enough to save your games, operate the system's core features and store some downloadable PSN titles.

Is it ideal? No. But let's stop with the over-reactions shall we?