It might have all the colour variety of a broadsheet newspaper, but I Am Alive still sounds intriguing.

Until that day, we'll have to make-do with the bits and pieces of information spoon-fed to us. The game was originally announced at E3 2008, when French developer Darkworks was at the helm. But it passed production onto Ubisoft Shanghai last year before the title went underground for at least 12 months.

Earlier this year Ubisoft confirmed that I Am Alive had been scaled back from its original retail intentions, and was coming to PlayStation Network at some point during the Winter.

Ubisoft Shanghai has since revealed that it "started from scratch" once it got its hands on I Am Alive back in 2010.

“First it was a CG trailer,” the firm’s Aurelian Palasse said in an interview with Eurogamer. “It arrived in Shanghai in 2010, and we decided to make it more realistic.

“We started from scratch, but with the same pitch. I don’t want to take the point of view that our game’s better [than Darkworks'] – but first of all it was a CG, so everything was possible, and it wasn’t real gameplay. But we liked the pitch, and we liked the way it felt.”

Much of the game is still shrouded in mystery, but the idea of a survival title intrigues us greatly. We can't wait to see more of the downloadable release in action.