Touch My Katamari will feature both touch and traditional controls.

At a Japanese press event overnight producer Toshiyuki Nakanishi revealed that the game's development originally started on PlayStation 3.

Upon switching to PlayStation Vita, the game's development team decided to implement touch screen controls in addition to dual-analogue support, hoping that new-users would appreciate the touch-based inputs.

Sadly it was revealed that due to time limitations it was unable to implement gyro and accelerometer controls too, a feature that has proved popular on smartphone releases.

Music has always been a key component of the Katamari series, and Touch My Katamari will not be left lacking in that department. The game's set to include over 20 songs from many famous artists. Intriguingly the background music will adapt depending on the size of your katamari, with the PlayStation Vita's advanced hardware facilitating such effects.

The game's set to launch alongside Sony's new system in both Japan and the West.

[Thanks Andriasang]