Has the Grand Theft Auto V trailer given us a sneaky glimpse of the game's protagonists?

That rumour's been squashed.

But while that particular point of discussion's off the cards for now, PC Gamer has popped up with its own theory. It reckons that Grand Theft Auto V will have multiple protagonists, and that yesterday's debut trailer offers proof.

The website claims that the montage is more than simply a collection of sewn together scenes, and more a hint at the characters we might play. Featured is an older gentleman (presumably the narrator), a younger guy with a shaved head, and a CJ look-alike sprinting from police helicopters. It's a stretch, but rumours have pointed towards a multiple protagonist GTA for some time now. There's no smoke without fire.

Those that have played Yakuza 4 will know just how well an interlacing plot works in an open-world game. We reckon Rockstar could really do the dynamic justice.