Flickball turns your table-top into a virtual football pitch.

Just recently we wrapped up reviews for both EyePet Adventures and Invizimals: The Lost Tribes — two PlayStation Portable titles that put augmented reality at the heart of their respective experiences.

So it's no surprise to see Sony lift the lid on a slew of new augmented reality initiatives for PlayStation Vita. At a press event in London this evening, the publisher announced that it is set to release a pack of Augmented Reality marker cards for the system at launch. These cards will be supported by a selection of free Augmented Reality games available from the PlayStation Store.

Pulsar appears to take inspiration from a variety of puzzle and adventures titles, requiring you to bounce a laser around a real-world playing surface in order to launch a rocket. Meanwhile Fireworks looks like it takes inspiration from classic PS2 title Fantavision. Other games include Table Top Sports Diving, Pocket Garden, Pocket War and Flickball.

You can catch a glimpse of the games in action after the jump. Exciting stuff.