Purely being able to map controls to the PlayStation Vita's right analogue stick will improve a number of classic PSP experiences.

Similarly to full Vita releases, each PSP game will receive its own LiveArea screen. From here you'll be able to access the game and its digital manual where available.

In-game you'll be able to toggle a variety of features, such as bilinear filtering and colour settings. You'll also be able to map controls for some games to the right analogue stick, making old PSP shooters playable again. For those games that support the PSP camera, you'll be able to toggle between the PlayStation Vita's front and rear facing cameras.

You'll also be able to transfer save data between your PSP and PlayStation Vita, using a content management program on your PC or PS3. On the PC you'll need to download and install a custom piece of software to your computer. Sony didn't confirm, but it appears a similar application will be added to the PS3 via a future firmware update.

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