Game sharers might be forced into -- gasp -- purchasing the games they play.

Sony's just announced that it is cutting down on the number of active devices PlayStation Network content can be shared on.

In a new PlayStation Blog post, Sony has explained that any content purchased after November 18th will only be compatible with up to two activated PlayStation 3s or PlayStation Portables.

To counter some of the backlash, Sony's announced that it will now allow users to activate and deactivate systems via a new web-based system. So, for example, if your system crashes and you're unable to deactivate it via the hardware, you'll be able to do this online in the future.

The policy change does nothing to affect us, but we suspect a majority of "game sharers" are furious right now. Sony's change in stance has probably been forced upon by unhappy publishers, so don't be quick to take your frustration out on the platform holder.

If this puts an end to Capcom's infamous DRM, then at least there's a silver lining.