Prepare for PlayStation Vita in style.

And in order to celebrate — and presumably persuade you to pre-order — Sony's announced a European initiative that will reward you for getting your name down early with a bunch of additional goodies.

Anyone that pre-orders at selected retailers from November 30th will be eligible for a PS Vita Gift Pack, which includes limited edition merchandise, exclusive content and game discounts from the PlayStation Store.

If you're in the UK you'll get a pair of stylish PlayStation Vita branded headphones, in addition to a discount off Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings and Escape Plan. You'll also score some PS Vita branded PlayStation Home items, an exclusive PSN avatar and early access to Honeyslug's intriguing Frobisher Says!.

Those in other parts of Europe will score a similar smattering of content in addition to a PlayStation Vita branded wallet, which includes a compartment for game storage as well as cash and credit cards.

For all the information you need, check out the PlayStation Blog. Sony's yet to announce participating retailers, but it's safe to assume that the biggest high-street brands will all be on board.