Stupid and fun? Count us in.

After a few groans and rolled eyes over the game's initial announcement, it's certainly winning journalists over with its zany sense of humour. And it's got us excited.

We've only spent a limited amount of time with the title, but we did enjoy calling in an air strike during our disappointingly brief hands-on. That the game lets you engage in such a spectacle just seconds into a demo is perhaps testament to the madness on offer here.

Last week we had a little play around with the game's character creator tool — the Initiation Station — which is apparently proving something of a hit online. Publisher THQ has announced that over one million characters have been created using the free download since its release last week.

We just wished the Initiation Station's share features were built into the application itself, but we've seen some crazy concoctions online.

We reckon our fat, well endowed gruff British gangster is pretty great though. We'll probably play through the entire game as the flabby hardman.