Is this Grand Theft Auto V's protagonist?

The website iGTAV believes that Law & Order star Ned Luke provided the voice work for the character that narrates the game's debut trailer.

The Grand Theft Auto V IMDB page lists Luke as a character named Albert De Silva. Eagle-eared fans reckon his voice and likeness match the character seen and heard in the trailer.

A Tweet by actor Jimmy Taenaka added further credence to the rumours, when he said, "My fellow thespian Ned Luke is the lead voice and profile in the upcoming game by Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 5!"

A Twitter account claiming to be Luke's cousin raised more eyebrows over the weekend when it mentioned something to do with the Grand Theft Auto series, but the profile was promptly closed down indicating some form of hoax.

Either way, all evidence points to Ned Luke for now.

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