EA's looking to expand the Dead Space franchise with a variety of new experiences.

The publication claims that the publisher is looking at "new ways to expand" the survival horror space series, and has a first-person shooter in the works.

But apparently, that's not all. The publisher also has a Dead Space flight game in development — presumably a downloadable twin-stick shooter set in the Dead Space universe — and an "Uncharted like" adventure game.

"Dead Space's expansion comes as a management shuffle at EA brought in new brass that nearly killed off Dead Space 3—the reason being the Dead Space games don't sell like games like Uncharted games do," reports Kotaku.

But Dead Space 3 is not cancelled, and will be set on the icy planet previous rumours alluded to. It's believed that the game will spell the end of protagonist Isaac Clarke.

We're cool with the expansion of the Dead Space universe but we're a little bit worried about EA watering down what makes the franchise great. A first-person shooter would probably find it difficult to maintain the tension of the original games, while an Uncharted inspired adventure game doesn't necessarily fill us with confidence.

Out of all the rumoured projects, the flight game probably sounds the best — purely because it's likely to be a small spin-off based on the universe.

We'll keep a positive stance for now. Rails-shooter Dead Space: Extraction could have been a disaster, but it actually turned out pretty awesome. We suppose a first-person shooter could work, but we hope EA doesn't discard all of the horror aspects of the series in the hope of appealing to the Call Of Duty crowd.

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