Rockstar's released the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

If your Internet connection can hold out for long enough, you might just get a glimpse of the world's first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V.

As previously rumoured, the game will take place in a fictional Los Angeles. It's a sunny, stylish trailer that shows off the game's variety of districts. Rockstar's keeping the game's protagonist under wraps for now, but thanks to a short monologue we can uncover that he's a Dad, just trying to be a good guy. Given this is a Grand Theft Auto game, it's pretty easy to predict how that's likely to go down.

It's a massively detailed sixty seconds of footage, with a few consistent themes. Exercise and financial disparity feature heavily in the montage, with the social class divide emphasised throughout the trailer. Is Rockstar about to tackle the credit crunch?

Other takeaways include the appearance of a runaway figure that looks a lot like CJ from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Catch the trailer after the jump. Was it worth the wait? Let us know in the comments.