You'll be able to extend Ridge Racer Vita's content offering with a selection of DLC set to release next year.

According to Famitsu, the deluge of DLC will begin on December 22nd with a free music pack. The content will allow you to race to Ridge Racer's classic tunes, with more music due over the coming months.

Paid content will follow from February 23rd, with at least one car (¥250) and one track (¥400) up for grabs. A further three cars and two tracks will release in March.

There'll be additional vehicle and course updates throughout April and May, with a ¥1,600 season pass entitling you to all of the coming content from February 16th. Savvy gamers will be able to purchase the season pass at a discounted ¥1,000 if they stump up the cash on February 29th.

While the model itself sounds reasonable, we're curious whether fans will care about the game long enough to bother with the DLC.

Namco Bandai's keeping quiet about its plans for Ridge Racer Vita in Europe and North America. Hopefully it comes bundled with all of the Japanese DLC out of the box.